Oldham Council to webcast local election results live

OldhamCouncil_164_200OLDHAM COUNCIL is set to webcast the results of its local elections live for the very first time.

Voters will be able to watch online on Friday, May 8 as results in one third of the seats – one in each of the 20 wards – are declared.

The count starts in the Queen Elizabeth Hall from 10am onwards and people will be able to watch live footage and view Twitter updates from @OldhamCouncil all on one page at www.oldham.gov.uk

Live audio will be also streamed each time that Carolyn Wilkins, Returning Officer, takes to the stage to declare results.

Carolyn Wilkins said: “We know the Oldham Council election results are important to residents and wanted to try a pilot scheme to see if we can make it more accessible.

“The count will be happening at a time when most people are at work and daily newspapers have already gone to press.

“You can log on, watch live feed and Twitter updates and see the declarations of the results all in one place.

“Oldham Council already webcasts Full Council meetings live and is committed to local decision-making being as accessible as possible.

“We will be monitoring the viewing figures and feedback to see how successful this is.”

Residents wanting to watch the Oldham Council count should visit www.oldham.gov.uk/electionlive from 10am on Friday morning.

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