Oldham helps raise awareness of hate crime

Workshops, information stalls and activities are taking place across the borough as Oldham takes part in Greater Manchester’s Hate Crime Awareness Week (5 – 9 February 2018).

Funded by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), these events have been organised to help residents get a better understanding of what hate crime is, how they can help to prevent it in their area and get support.

Hate crime is an act of violence or hostility that is directed at a person or group because of who they are or what they think they are.

It comes in many different forms such as physical attacks, a threat of attack and verbal abuse or insults, and anyone can be affected by such incidents.

But one of the most worrying factors is that most hate crime goes unreported.

In order to combat this, a variety of sessions including arts and crafts activities, a touch rugby game, and a special lunch will be taking place to encourage those affected to talk openly in a safe environment.

For a full programme of what is taking place in your local area visit: www.oldham.gov.uk/hatecrimeawarenessweek

Councillor Barbara Brownridge, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Co-operatives, said: “We do not tolerate hate crime. We all have a right to live without fear, hostility and intimidation from others because of who we are.

“Most hate crimes are not reported and we don’t want people suffering in silence. That is why these events are taking place to make more people aware of what hate crime is so they can report future incidents that they may be a victim of or witness to.”

If you have been affected by a hate crime, even if you’re unsure that you’ve been a victim, it is important that you speak to someone. In an emergency call 999 and in a non-emergency call 101 or go to a nearby police station and report it.

Extra support is available for people who wish not to contact the police or for those who need extra support. This can be accessed at the Stop Hate Helpline – 0800 138 1625 – a free confidential 24-hour hate crime reporting service.

For more information on hate crime please visit letsendhatecrime.com or call the Victim Support Services helpline: 0161 200 1950, Text Relay, 18002 0161 200 1950.


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