Oldham Liberal Democrats announce Leader and Deputy

Oldham Borough Liberal Democrats have reaffirmed the appointment of councillors Howard Sykes as their Leader and John McCann as their Deputy Leader.

Cllr Sykes 2014
Cllr Howard Sykes

The pair were re-elected unanimously and unopposed by the group, which is the opposition to the Labour-controlled Oldham Council.

Cllr Sykes: “It is again gratifying that John and I have received the unanimous endorsement of our peers.

“Despite some torrid results across the country, it was at least some consolation that Liberal Democrats in Oldham successfully defended all three of their seats, despite a national press that was hostile to the party and strong challenges from other parties.

“I look forward to working with John to take the Group forward, and I am pleased to welcome our new councillors Chris Gloster and Julia Turner to the group and to welcome back Cllr Derek Heffernan, who was again re-elected.”

Cllr Sykes added: “There are further Group meetings planned after which I will be announcing my Shadow Cabinet team to assist me as the Opposition Group on Oldham Council.

“It is first and foremost our responsibility to hold the Labour administration to account and to champion the wish of the electorate to see the Council delivering effective, responsive and value-for-money services.

“We are likely to be faced with the challenge of further cuts in local government finance, whilst being presented with the unique opportunity of devolution for Greater Manchester.

“So we will also want to work with the Labour administration to confront the challenge of central government cut-backs, whilst grasping the opportunity to become a more devolved city region.”


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