Oldham residents asked to recall Blitz memories for WW2 campaign

Oldham Council is asking residents to recollect their memories of the Blitz and various other bombing raids from World War Two as part of the ‘Oldham Remembers’ campaign.

The Blitz, which loosely translates to the German phrase Blitzkrieg meaning ‘flash war’, was an intense aerial bombing campaign carried out by Nazi Germany against Britain from September 1940 to May 1941.

Within an eight-month period 43,000 civilians were killed, whilst mass destruction was caused to many industrial targets, towns and cities across the UK, including Manchester.

Although it wasn’t during the Blitz, Oldham — a well-known boomtown of the Industrial Revolution — was most notably hit by a German V-1 Flying Bomb on Christmas Eve, 1944.

This sadly claimed the lives of 27 people after it hit a row of houses on Abbey Hills Road. Anecdotes from incidents like these are being welcomed as part of the campaign.

Councillor Cath Ball, Deputy Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Cooperatives with a special responsibility for Oldham Remembers, said: “Many people associate the Blitz just with London but this was far from the case.

“My mum tells me the story of the Manchester Blitz which she and her mum listened to from Oldham, they were very concerned, knowing my grandad was there.

“It’s important that we document these stories so we can preserve the memory of what happened for future generations to come.”

Residents can send their stories to oldhamremembers@oldham.gov.uk where they will be added to the Oldham Stories section of Oldham Remembers: www.oldhamremembers.org.uk

Stories can also be submitted by post to the following addresses: Councillor Cath Ball, 15 Tuns Road, Oldham, OL8 2PT and Zubair Seedat, Community Development Officer, Oldham District Office, Oldham Civic Centre, West Street, Oldham, OL1 1UT.


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  1. On the 24th December 1944, I was 6yrs old. We lived on Shaw Road, Lowermoor, and
    we my mother and grandmother, heard the V1 overhead, the pushed me under
    the dining table to keep me safe.
    I remember this very clearly, it was the first time my mother was clearly frightened,
    particularly since the sound it was making suddenly stopped, a few moments after
    the thump of the explosion could be heard.

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