‘Oldham Women At Work’ exhibition celebrates ‘Year of the Woman’

TO celebrate the ‘Year of the Woman’ Age UK Oldham has brought together a new exhibition of ‘Oldham Women at Work’.

It is a candid exhibition of personal memories, photographs and stories from local women showcasing their careers.

For many it was not just about working but it included bringing up a family and how they adapted with split shifts, night shifts and job sharing to fit it all in.

It also looks at equality and if women fitted into a male orientated workplace and took on the same job roles as men.

The exhibition starts it roadshow around Oldham on Saturday, September 29 and Sunday, September 30 at George Street Chapel from 11am-3pm each day.

Come along to this free exhibition and see, read and hear the memories from local women who played a part in local industry, services, education and health care.

Women who have contributed to the exhibition will be around for you to speak to too.

This is also a great opportunity for women to meet up with old workmates from the past.

Age UK Oldham couldn’t help so many local older people without the generosity of volunteers and supporters. You can support them by donating monlthy or giving a one-off amount: https://www.ageuk.org.uk/oldham/get-involved/donate/

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