OMRT issue appeal as local business hit by theft

A FUNDRAISING box for Oldham Mountain Rescue Team was among items stolen in a raid on an Uppermill business.

Albion Tap on High Street was raided on Sunday night and the plastic jug, in which people can leave donations, was among the things taken.

It was later found emptied and left in the road in the Lydgate area but the impact of the burglary is still being felt.

The mountain rescue crew is more concerned for the business owners and issued an appeal for anyone with any information to contact Greater Manchester Police.

A spokesman for OMRT said: “Our good friends and supporters at Albion Tap were broke into on Sunday night.

“One of the items stolen from the premises by these charming individuals was the team’s collection tin. It was later found emptied and left in the road up at Lydgate.

“If anyone has any information about this robbery please contact your local police team in Uppermill. Alternatively you can dial 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

“Our thoughts are with our friends at Albion Tap as they deal with the aftermath of this attack on their livelihood.”

2 Replies to “OMRT issue appeal as local business hit by theft”

  1. This is Shocking news all that we hear of these days is Robbery.
    Society these days is Just getting worse I hope those responsible for this robbery get caught and get their comeuppance.

    1. I hope Sadd.leworth Independent will highlight the One World Christmas Fair on 4th November held each year at the Catholic Church Hall in Uppermill between 10am and 4pm. One of the main stall holders, Traidcraft, is in in danger financially if orders do not pick up. Train craft fights poverty through trade. They do more than supermarkets who simply provide a modest supplement that helps the producers in Developing Countries. Tradecraft guarantees staying with their Producers rather than shopping around for the cheapest produce, they provide seed corn money in advance and they provide local training. See
      Traidcraft Exchange is their charity arm to which you can make donations. See (0191 497 6445)

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