‘Our Pharmacy’

SADDLEWORTH’S MP has launched an inquiry after patients expressed concerns over GPs who have set up business with an out of town chemist.

QUESTIONS: MP Debbie Abrahams is asking for an investigation
QUESTIONS: MP Debbie Abrahams is asking for an investigation

Debbie Abrahams, Parliamentary private secretary to the shadow health minister, was contacted by Greenfield and Grasscroft Residents’ Association after the scheme was launched.

She said: “I have written to the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) asking them to investigate if pressure is being put on patients to use a pharmacy where the practice has a pecuniary interest.

“If true, this does seem to reflect David Cameron’s wider marketisation of healthcare and the NHS creating a service that is driven by profit and business interests and not by what is best for the patient either nationally or at a local level in Saddleworth.

“This is something I’m fighting hard against in my work as a member of the Shadow Health Team.”

A spokesperson for the Saddleworth Medical practice said: “Staff give the patients a free choice of pharmacies and the doctors follow all relevant GMC guidance.”

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