Over 1700 Saddleworth homes and businesses start day in darkness after electrical cable fault

AROUND 1,700 locals started the day in darkenss after an underground electrical cable fault caused a temporary loss of power across the area.

electricity-north-west-logoHomes and businesses – mainly in Greenfield and Uppermill – were affected by the power cut, which occurred in the early hours of the morning on Thursday, April 7.

Engineers from Electricity North West were quickly on the case and restored power in about an hour.

A spokesperson for Electricity North West explained: “An underground cable fault caused the loss of power to 1,732 customers in Oldham this morning at 5am.

“Our engineers quickly arrived onsite and restored 296 customers within an hour and the remaining customers were restored at 6.12am.

“We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and if customers would like any further information they can contact us 24/7 on 0800 195 4141 or follow @ElectricityNW.”

A text message was also send out by Electricity North West to locals to explain what had happened.

It read: “We’re sorry for the continued interruption to your electricity supply. We’re working to restore your electricity as soon as possible.

“If you know any vulnerable or elderly neighbours that may need additional support from us, please get in touch on 0800 195 4141 or visit our website for details.”

Find Electricity North West online at: http://www.enwl.co.uk


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