Over the hill: Lloyds: ‘Epic journey’ begins for branch closure customers

HOLMFIRTH will be left with one high street bank when Lloyds closes its Victoria Street branch on 4.30pm,April 29.The bank, whose former advertising slogan was ‘by your side’, has announced the closure of 56 locations across England, Scotland and Wales between April and October 2020.

Lloyds claim customers are using the branch less often while the majority of customers are using alternative ways to bank.

They say counter transactions in the town centre bank are 18 percent quieter than a year ago.

Cashpoint machine transactions are down five percent for personal use and 15 percent for business.

Lloyds also say 364 customers use the branch on a regular monthly basis; more than 80 percent being personal customers.

The cashpoint is also closing though there are machines at Barclays, Victoria Square, Sainsburys, Riverside Shopping Centre and the Co-operative store, Market Street.

All customers are advised to use the Slaithwaite branch on Carr Lane which is 5.97 miles or the Huddersfield branch at 1 Westgate, 6.2 miles away. Alternatively, customers can pay in cash or cheques, make withdrawals or check balances at the Post Office.

For more information ring 0345 300 0000 (personal) or 0345 072 5555 (business).

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