“Overwhelming” world-wide praise for kind-hearted Uppermill policeman

By Ken Bennett

THIS KIND, simple gesture has catapulted an unassuming village police officer to internet fame…

PC Lee Cullen helps an elderly lady down the busy Uppermill high street (Picture courtesy of Dave McDonald via Facebook)

It shows PC Lee Cullen gently and patiently linking arms and carrying an elderly lady’s shopping bag across the busy high street in Uppermill.

The picture, which appeared on Facebook with the caption ‘not all heroes wear capes’, has brought a deluge of responses online, as well as praise from PC Cullen’s colleagues.

It was taken by Dave McDonald who declared in a post to the police website: “Waiting in Uppermill this afternoon to collect our daughter from school when we saw one of your officers walking with an elderly lady, holding her hand and carrying her shopping bag.

“I have since been informed he had just stopped the traffic and helped this lady to cross the busy road as she was struggling to get across with the traffic!

“Great to see… no all heroes wear capes.”

The street was thronged with children making their way home from school and PC Cullen gave them ‘a fantastic lesson in respect and compassion’.

So far the post has been shared more than 1,000 times, with more than 8,000 ‘likes’ and hundreds of comments praising the Saddleworth officer.

Greg Cookson said: “A proper policeman and a true gentleman. Lee truly cares and loves the community he works in. Keep it up Lee.”

Brian Shephard commented: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this man makes me feel proud to be British, he is a legend in our community.”

Dave Reed added: “Proper policing that, community policing is one of the most important roles of all, not the most glamorous but a vital role. Well done that officer!”

Bashful PC Cullen, a father of two who joined GMP in 1991, said: “Our officers do this kind of thing every day. It is what being part of a community is all about.

“I’ve had messages from people all over the world! The response has been mad and totally overwhelming.”


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