Parking problems discussed by Saddleworth Parish Council

Update from Saddleworth Parish Council

We love welcoming visitors to Saddleworth, but, of course, with visitors comes traffic and our area has more than its fair share of traffic and car parking problems.

Parking problems in Saddleworth?

The geography of the area, with its hills, villages, winding roads and lanes, can make parking very difficult. Plus, our villages were built long before cars came into existence when almost everyone walked to work.

We are looking at a number of ways to hopefully reduce our car parking problems, but there is no simple solution, especially in Conservation Areas where we are reluctant to turn over precious land to be converted into car parks.

We have found that in areas where Conservation Area signage has been introduced, visitors have felt encouraged to leave their cars and use public transport.

Another big problem is delivery vans. Obviously commercial premises depend on deliveries but with that comes the problem of double-parking which can block the highway, most noticeable in the centre of Uppermill.

New CCTV cameras have been installed along High Street which will enable number plate recognition for offending vehicles so hopefully this will help to reduce the problem.

Speeding is another problem. Improvements are being made to the A635 Holmfirth Road including a new crash-barrier on the bend approaching Dovestone from Holmfirth, the laying of high friction (anti-skid) surfacing, enhanced cats’ eyes, new road markings and bigger signage.

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