Patient turns therpaist to bring Bowen Therapy to Saddleworth

AFTER stumbling across Bowen Therapy at a Christmas fair, little did Amanda Owen imagine she would one day be qualified and practicing it to help others…


Amanda Owen

But that’s exactly what happened as Amanda started on a path to help her own undiagnosed knee problem and finished as a qualified practicing Bowen therapist.

The Bowen Technique is a natural, non-invasive therapy suitable for all ages, which uses only thumbs and fingers to makes gentle rolling movements over muscles and tendons at precise points.

The process releases energy, sending impulses to the brain to trigger the body’s own healing systems and can be used for chronic back pain, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, whiplash, migraines, asthma, and more.

Amanda explained: “I came across Bowen by accident attending a Christmas fair offering sample treatments for half price.

“I had an undiagnosed knee problem; I could not come down hill forwards. I felt like my knee would give way and not hold me so I came down hills sideways.

“The therapist explained about Bowen and advised three to four sessions to get my knee better.

“I was intrigued that she hardly touched me and sat down in-between moves. Three days later I noticed a slight improvement – enough to make me go back for more sessions.

“It did take four sessions but I was able to hop, skip and jump down hills with full trust in my knee. I was amazed that such a gentle therapy could be so effective.

“I then sent friends that had ailments and they came back all noticing a marked improvement. I was so impressed that I decided to learn Bowen for myself.”

Amanda passed her diploma and also a qualification in anatomy, physiology and pathology and First Aid to become a full member of the Bowen association.

Her extensive training included working with 10 case studies over 100 hours of practice, seeing her treat 40 clients with a high success rate.

Now she is offering sessions at Saturday at The Therapy Rooms, Springhead on Saturdays and at Uppermill Therapies on Sundays, with a client base aged from four months old to 79.

Amanda added: “It doesn’t work on everyone but the success rate far outweighs the failures, which I can count on one hand.

“Bowen is easily accessible to all as people can be treated lying, sitting or standing.

“People have a few weeks of treatment until we have improvement then come back for maintenance session every few weeks. Others come for relaxing and a sense of well-being too.”

Adult sessions are £35 and last up to an hour.

Call Amanda on 07963 756594 for a mandatory free telephone consultation prior to the first treatment.

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