Pearson law firm helps spread good cheer at Christmas

CHRISTMAS spirit was alive and well at Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers as staff donated crates of goodies to Oldham Foodbank.

This the fifth year the law firm has generously supported the local cause and is something everyone gets involved with.

Donations for Oldham Foodbank

“From a tin of beans to a whole online food shop delivered by a supermarket, our staff have really been generous and gone the extra mile,” said Joanne Ormston, Partner at Pearson.

“I’m so proud of those who took the time and trouble to pop a few extra items in their trolley this Christmas.

“Toys and toiletries were also collected and one member of staff even brought in a children’s bike, which I’m sure will bring joy to one youngster on Christmas Day.”

Lisa Leunig, manager at Oldham Foodbank, said: “A very big thank you to Pearson for their support.

“It amazing what has been sent over to us and everything collected means a lot to people, especially at Christmas time. My motto is say no to nothing – if we can’t use it, we know a charity that can.”

The law firm has been busy helping other charities and initiatives across the borough during the festive period.

Toys and clothes have been donated to a women’s refuge in Oldham and the family team at Pearson have been working closely with them to help bring a smile to youngsters’ faces.

“Spending Christmas in a shelter or refuge is no fun, but if we can collect toys and a few nice things for the families it will hopefully make it a little happier,” said family solicitor Pamela Walsh.

“We have also donated a few gifts for the mums so children get to share a present with their mum which is a lovely thing for them to do.”

Staff also donated gift-wrapped shoeboxes of necessicities such as toiletries, treats, hats and gloves to give those who live on the streets a bit of comfort at Christmas time.

Saddleworth’s Home Instead collected presents from the Pearson office as part of their Santa to a Senior campaign, sharing the gifts with elderly people who might be alone this Christmas.

And a Christmas jumper day was held with staff making a donation to raise extra funds for Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Oldham.

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