Percy pens first sci-fi book

A LEES businessman man is celebrating the publication of his first book.


Percy March with his book ‘The God Weapon’

Percy Marsh, who lives in Carrbrook in Stalybridge, has written The God Weapon, a science fiction thriller.

And Percy, who runs two engineering companies, came up with the idea while on holiday.

Percy said: “I was in Spain for three weeks in January 2017, but after three days was frayed at the edges with nothing to do.

“My wife Dorothy, who has encouraged me, suggested why not start it, and the basic story was drafted.”

Percy had earlier been attending Mossley Writers’ Club after he get in touch with the Correspondent for a contact for the group.

And he has been assisted by friend Ian White who has helped with refinements.

Percy, who owns Raymar Engineers and Edgemoore Engineering in Lees, explained: “I am not a writer and know my limitations.

“I have a story to tell and, while I have written about 40,000 words, Ian has added around 4,000 that makes the difference and humanises it.”

And now the book has been published – both in print and online through Kindle – he says it has been worth the effort.

“It is a tremendous thrill to have the book in my hand and think I wrote that,” he explained.

Though an engineer, Percy says he has always been fascinated with reading and especially science fiction.

“It all began aged 11 when I started looking at newspapers,” he explained.

“I became hooked on Dan Dare, the science fiction comic hero.”

Not satisfied, Percy says he is already halfway through a sequel and he also has a storyline in his head for a third book.

The God Weapon can be bought online on Amazon for £4.99 or £0.99 for the Kindle edition.

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