Protestors form human fence in ongoing Uppermill row

Around 20 determined protestors made a human fence to show their disapproval of a steel fence erected near the railway line through Uppermill.

Network Rail erected the 800-foot barrier along Den Lane, which is a conservation area, almost three months ago and recently revealed they plan to do the same along the entire TransPennine route in Saddleworth.

The human fence on Den Lane by Network Rail’s new fence

But the move has attracted much criticism from the community and councillors who are upset by the “pointless and extremely ugly fence” and tree felling that occurred so it could be erected.

The protestors group and supporters gathered at the site off Moorgate Street to create the human fence and show their objection to the installation.

The group said: “It’s almost three months since Network Rail started destroying the conservation area of Den Lane to put up a galvanised steel fence more suited to an industrial site that nobody wanted and serves no safety purpose whatsoever.

“Network Rail chopped down dozens of mature trees, a place where foxes and a pair of jays live and lots of other wildlife. Some people are concerned that Network Rail have disturbed bats which are a protected species.

“Plus Network Rail ignored local residents, local council leaders and dozens of letters to stop the work and talk to us to do the job properly and in keeping.

“Many new people joined our campaign and one lady said she was infuriated that some idiots have built such a diabolical fence in such a beautiful place and cannot believe how many trees they have chopped down just to put in the fence, which is thirty feet away from the track!”

Network Rail said the fencing needs to be installed for safety, to reduce the risk of people trespassing on the tracks and protecting members of the public, drivers and those travelling on trains.

A spokesman for Network Rail added: “At our meeting with residents in Uppermill, we were asked by the community to consider a number of options for the area.

“We reviewed all of them and sent our views back to the Friends of Saddleworth representative and are currently awaiting feedback on which option they would like to explore.”

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    1. As one of the ‘numptys’ present at this protest, I would like to point out to Suzanne (as she has quite clearly not noticed) the vegetation visible behind and poking through the fence is Himalayan Balsam. I am sure that most people will be aware that come the autumn and the first cold snap it will all die off.

  1. Afternoon Melanie,
    I was wondering if you are the lady who owns the land on Delph New Road adjacent to 39 Delph New Road.

    If you could contact me please 07596-793761.


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