Pupils launch lego man into space in memory of Tyrese

PUPILS became ‘classtronauts’ for the day at Saddleworth School as they launched a lego man into space in a touching tribute to former pupil Tyrese Glasgow.

Tyrese, from Manchester Road, Mossley died in June 2016, aged 12 years old, and an inquest was told the medical cause of death was acute asphyxiation by a neck ligature.

The lego man getting ready for his big trip into space

Determined to remember their popular schoolfriend, pupils launched balloons on the first anniversary of his death, and a memorial pond was created at Dovestone Reservoir in Greenfield.

Now, they have stretched their efforts even further as they teamed up with specialist company Sent Into Space to launch the lego man 32km into the atmosphere.

Science teacher Mr Horn explained: “I was talking to another teacher who said he would like to launch a lego man into space!

“I taught Tyrese. He was a lovely lad and he was excited by science. So I thought it would make a great project to do and a nice tribute to him.

“I set my class some homework at the start of the year on how to get a lego man into space.

“They did some research and a few came back with the name of a company that does it – Sent Into Space – so we decided to try it.”

Tyrese’s sister Tiah made a lego man for the project, and it was strapped into a high altitude balloon and blasted off to space.

A camera onboard the balloon recorded the whole trip, while a GPS signal ensured the lego man could be tracked and found after its 2.5-hour flight and returned to Tiah.

The pupils raised around £1,000 to get their project off the ground, including holding a cake stall and a ‘lego walk’ which saw teachers walk over lego bricks, and they were also supported by the Institute of Physics.

Weather delayed the launch but eventually the go-ahead was given and pupils gathered outside school to see the grand take-off.

Two other lego men also braved the space journey and one will be kept by Mr Horn’s pupils, and the other by his seven-year-old son.

Tyrese’s mum Katy told Saddleworth School: “I am absolutely speechless, it is the most amazing thing I have ever seen and so special.

“Tyrese would be absolutely overjoyed with this. I can’t thank you all enough and for all that you still do for him.”

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