Pupils take lead in year review

THE importance of learning both inside the classroom and out was the focus of pupil-led reviews at Saddleworth School.

Over four days, each of the 1,300 students at the Uppermill school gave a presentation to a small group of their peers, parents and teachers reflecting on the past year.

They highlighted what they have learned in lessons and also from extra-curricular activities, what they have achieved and things they enjoyed, before answer questions.

With the entire school off-timetable to facilitate the sessions, pupils also enjoyed the chance to take part in activities including rounders, basketball and netball, and a walk up Pots and Pans.

There was also an Arts Festival at various locations in Uppermill and Greenfield to showcase the work and talents of students.

This included an art and photography exhibition at the Parish Centre in Uppermill showcasing work produced by students in Year 7, 8, 9 and 11.

There were also musicians and bands performing, a drama performance and work looking at the environment and single-use plastics, with pupils creating ‘a sea of pledges against a sea of plastics’.

Pupils also enjoyed lunch at St Chad’s Church, where they listened to an organ recital.

Dan Stucke, assistant headteacher, said: “We’ve done lots of these things before but not all at the same time so that has taken some organising.

“All the staff and pupils have been amazing to help make sure it went smoothly.

“It was a great chance for the pupils to see the work of their peers in different locations and enjoy being out in the community.

“The pupil-led reviews allow them to show how they have grown over the year. It is a really important part of our assessment so we can see it from their point of view.

“It is not just about what they have learned in the classroom but also how they have devel-oped as human beings. It is too easy for that to get overlooked when often the focus is just on grades and targets.

“There have been some really creative and inventive presentations, even including cooking or audience participation.

“We’ve had fantastic support from parents and families who have taken time off work to come in to listen to the reviews and support the sessions.”

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