Rail users urged to share experiences and push for improvements

RAIL USERS are being urged to share their experiences of delayed trains as the Greenfield Rail Action Group (GRAG) pushes for improved services in the area.

CONCERNED: Royce Franklin

GRAG has become increasingly concerned about the late running of trains at Greenfield since the introduction of the fifth TransPennine Express along the local line.

And they fear that longer term plans for a sixth TransPennine Express will cause even more delays on what is already a very busy line.

Royce Franklin, chairman of GRAG, said: “Under the present system the TransPennine Expresses run, on average, every 12 minutes throughout the day.

“Prior to May it was every 15 minutes.  With six such trains it will be every ten minutes.

“While GRAG appreciate the business need for trains to get from city to city, speed not frequency is felt to be the more important and any capacity issues could be addressed by having longer trains.”

In its recent submission to the Department for Transport the group vehemently opposed the introduction of a sixth express train.

And they want to monitor how the fifth train is impacting on punctuality so are asking passengers to submit their experiences to the group.

A meeting has also been arranged with Matt Worman from Northern Rail, at the Uppermill Civic Hall on Tuesday, November 18 at 7.30pm.

Anyone interested in the quality of service currently provided is invited to attend to make their views known.

Mark Ashmore, chair of GRAG, said: “We need as much help as possible to monitor the service provided so we can campaign for improvements.”

Passengers can submit their experiences to GRAG secretary Royce Franklin, preferably by email: royce.franklin1@btinternet.com or by telephone 01457 873248.

The group needs as much information as possible, including time, date, station punctuality and whether any explanation was given for the lateness. It would be helpful if those wishing to be involved submitted as soon as possible after the event.

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