‘Reckless’ burglar who sped at 100mph in rare Porsche stolen in Dobcross is jailed

A BURGLAR who stole a very rare Porsche in Dobcross and then raced at speeds in excess of 100mph on the motorway has been jailed.

JAILED: Lewis Lowe

Lewis Lowe broke into a house in January and stole the high-powered car which he then used to speed down the motorway as he was pursued by the police.

He crashed the car into an embankment after which he was arrested.

Lowe, of Rayner Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, pleaded guilty to burglary and dangerous driving at an earlier hearing and has now been sentenced to two years in prison.

The homeowner had installed a tracker on his 2011 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS that alerted him to the fact it was moving while he was on holiday.

The tracking company called the police and the vehicle was clocked doing speeds in excess of 100mph down the M62 then the M60 before it was picked up by officers.

A pursuit then began with Lowe continuing to speed before eventually losing control on the A666 and crashing into some brambles.

He was arrested by police and a number of stolen items recovered. The car, however, is likely to be a write-off.

Detective Constable Adam Frank said: “It is a miracle that Lowe did not kill either himself or someone else.

“He drove in such a reckless way and at such dangerous speeds that if he had crashed into another car, I have no doubt we could be talking today about a fatality.

DAMAGED: The crashed car

“He also showed no signs of slowing down or giving himself up until he crashed into an embankment, suffering only the indignity of some scratches from the brambles he tried to run through and the cuff marks when we arrested him.

“I am pleased to see Lowe behind bars, not least because he is a burglar who could still be out there today targeting people’s homes.

“I am sure the streets are much safer with this reckless and foolhardy individual behind bars.

“But also for the family who have suffered tremendously from Lowe’s actions. He invaded the sanctity of their home, stole their property and wrecked a very expensive car.

“I know from speaking to them just how traumatic this has been for them, to the point where the children have been so badly shaken up they refuse to stay in their own home.

“That is the type of crippling effect burglars like Lowe can have so I am really pleased he has been convicted and is now firmly behind bars where he belongs.”

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