Residents driven round bend by Delph’s new double yellow lines

RESIDENTS in Delph will be seeing double for the next 18 months and many are not best pleased.

A stretch of Denshaw Road has been painted with yellow lines as part of an experimental prohibition of waiting order.

Residents only received notification of the lines 12 days before they were put down by Oldham Council on Wednesday, July 24.

A previous attempt to introduce a waiting order along the near 100 metres stretch of paintwork – costing £2,000 – was rescinded in 2016 due to the level of objections.

And Saddleworth North ward councillors are split on the delegated decision taken in November 2018.

Conservative Pam Byrne supported the scheme, Liberal Democrat Garth Harkness said: “Parking in Delph is challenging so I am reluctant to support such a scheme” and the Independent was still waiting for a response from George Hulme (Labour) at the time of going to press.

Officers from Traffic and Network Management confirmed: “the number of complaints received are by no means as many as the objections from residents wanting to park within the highway.”

However, they said a cyclist had raised concerns the free flow of traffic is restricted by parked vehicles, a resident was experiencing difficulty exiting her drive due to vehicles obstructing clear visibility while a motorist advised of “several near misses’ due to vehicles not having clear visibility over the brow of the hill and around the bend.

In a letter to residents Darryl Elwood from OMBC Traffic and Network Management said: “The advantage of introducing the lines experimentally is they can be removed if the parking problems are not resolved. Conversely, if the lines are successful they can be made permanent.”

Residents now have six months to lodge objections/representation to the introduction of the double yellows.

“The levels of objection to this scheme are the same as previously so why have the council wasted time and money putting down yellow lines the majority of local people are opposed to?” said one Denshaw Road householder.

“By removing parked vehicles, the speed of traffic along Denshaw Road will increase-a fact acknowledged by the council-heightening the risk of accidents.

“To the best of my knowledge and other neighbours the number of accidents have been minimal or non-existent over many years.

“Parked cars acted as a natural deterrent to speeding motorists heading upto or coming down from the Denshaw cross roads. This natural ‘chicane’ has now been lost.

“Cars will now be heading down towards the safety zone for Delph Primary potentially at higher speeds.”

Another resident commented: “This (order) will have an adverse impact on traffic and the further displaced vehicles will pushed either closer to the school (Delph Primary) or further west onto the bend increasing the risk to motorists using the road and also children and parents attending the school.

“This lack of consultation, continued restrictions on ongoing pressure on local residents is seen as active victimisation of a community by Oldham Council and Unity Partnership.”

An OMBC spokesperson confirmed there had been no road traffic injury collisions along this stretch of road since 2016.

It was also confirmed there had been just four complaints about parking on both sides of the highway in the last five years.

2 Replies to “Residents driven round bend by Delph’s new double yellow lines”

  1. Traffic around delph becoming dangerous
    Fine days and highdays terrible noise from speeding motorbikes and quad bikes much louder than legally allowed
    Need for more traffic calming and policing

    1. There needs to be double yellow lines just after the bend near the white lion I am sick of having to cross the road on a bad bend or walk in the road with my little boy in his pram because the footpath is nearly always blocked with cars that are parked on the footpath whilst going in the lion and not enough room to get through its awful and needs to stop hence why double yellow lines need putting there

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