Roads to ruin – resurfacing works needed to repair resurfacing works

A NUMBER of Saddleworth roads are going to be resurfaced for a second time in only six months after the failure of the initial job.

Oldham Council has confirmed it is aware of issues highlighted by residents to councillors and the Independent in recent weeks.

These include stretches of carriageways in Lees, Greenfield, Grasscroft and Uppermill.

Motorists have complained of loose chippings damaging car paintwork while dog walkers have pointed out stones flying off the surface and hitting their pets.

Now the unscheduled repairs will be completed at no extra cost to rate payers as part of the council’s contract with the contractors.

Saddleworth South councillor Jamie Curley has raised the problem with OMBC’s highways department.

He said: “Many residents will have noticed the resurfacing of roads in Saddleworth over the summer has recently begun to show signs of failure.

“Patches of worn surface have appeared and many people have complained of their cars being peppered by small stones working loose from the new surface.

“There have been particularly issues at junctions such as the Farrars and Oaklands Road on Oldham Road as well as in Lees and Salem.

“I have now been informed by Oldham Highways they are aware of the road surface failure and have had discussions with the contractor who did the work over the summer.

“It would seem that the failure is due to a problem with the compound used to resurface the road and that we are not the only borough to have experienced this.

“Highways have been in discussions with the contractor and the road surface will be repaired at the contractor’s expense as soon as possible.

“They caution though the resurfacing is weather dependent.

“It may not take place until the spring when the weather is more conducive to laying the new surface.

“In the meantime, the contractor will perform a sweep of the road to remove the loose chippings and clean any gullies or drains which have become blocked with the chippings, again at their expense.

“I understand the problem with the surface compound is now understood and the repair will be longer lasting.

“I’m pleased the highways department has reacted swiftly and the remediation work will not be at Council Tax Payer’s expense.”

An Independent reader commented: “The surfaces deteriorated as soon as they were put down.

“I thought it was a new scheme to slow down speeding motorists.”

An Oldham Council spokesperson said: “Some of the roads that were surfaced in the summer have shown some signs of early life failure and aggregate loss.

“We informed the contractor who carried out the work and they sent sweepers to ensure the areas are as clear of as much of the loose chippings as possible.

“We are continuing to have meetings with the contractor and speak to them about how best to stop the failures and then identify any remedial work that will be necessary.

“Officers are meeting their technical team next week to discuss things in more detail. Until this happens it’s hard to say what work will be carried out.

“Once the remedial work has been identified, the works are likely to take when it gets a bit warmer due to the type of material used.

“It’s important to note we have a five-year product guarantee on this surface treatment and any remedial works that are needed will be carried out at the full cost of the contractor, not Oldham Council.”

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  1. Wonder if youll be coming back up Friezland Lane again, any time soon. Most of the pot hole that have been around for 10years are more, are once again all opening up. These holes must have been filled at least 2or 3 times if not more after you finally admitted they needed doing. If only a good job was done in the first place, what a lot of money would be saved.

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