ROTARY ROUND-UP: What does the Saddleworth Rotary Club do?

An update from the Rotary Club of Saddleworth.

Saddleworth-rotary-clubSaddleworth Rotary Club members and their guests spent a very convivial evening at The Royal George, Greenfield on 23 March.

The 60+ crowd met together to explore the question “What does the Rotary Club do?” and give the Club an opportunity to showcase some of its activities. And, of course, to have an enjoyable time with good food and lively conversation.

When you mention Saddleworth Rotary Club, most people immediately think of the annual and most successful Saddleworth Show.

Yes, this is the highlight of the Rotary Calendar and is the BIG fundraiser for the Club’s charities. Last year’s tremendous event at Well-i-Hole farm was attended by thousands and raised over £18,000 for its joint partners Saddleworth and Oldham Metro. A similar event is planned this year for Sunday, June 26.

However, the Club is about more than the Saddleworth Show! Some of the very varied activities and events which are organised regularly were outlined by the Chairs of the respective committees.

Jon Stocker from Community explained about The Dragons’ Den competition where local charities make a pitch for Rotary funding.

He also told us about the Turnpike Challenge Cycle Race which raises money for Prostate Cancer research and the many other community events like Light up Lydgate at Christmas, Stroke Awareness Day in Uppermill and the annual Theatre Supper trip to Delph Theatre.

Mike Hall from International told us about the ‘Gap Kenya’ project where Rotary is funding young people’s education in an environment where they would otherwise have no chance.

He also touched on the annual funded visit of two Romanian students who stay with Rotary families and then have a whale of a time at Summer Camp in Petty Pool.

Finally, Rob Knotts and Tony Burke listed some of the Foundation Committees projects including an Airship design competition to encourage science, engineering and maths education in Oldham schools.

Tony, via his pupil guests from Saddleworth and Failsworth School, described the ‘Engage, Succeed and Develop’ project where elderly people in our communities are invited for a Reminiscing Celebration and Afternoon tea.

These events are organised entirely by the pupils, supported by two youth workers, and help develop their confidence and person skills, while ddressing potential loneliness and vulnerability in our communities.

Finally, Saddleworth Rotary Club President Stan Bowes spoke about the ongoing fellowship, fun, friendship and support enjoyed by all members, whether at meetings, conferences, events or just everyday life.

Saddleworth Rotary Club meets every Wednesday at The White Hart, Lydgate, usually at 6.30pm. To find out more about the Club visit the website: or contact the President Elect Tony Burke on:


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