RSPB warning after local attacks on Canada Geese

A SPATE of incidents aimed at reducing Saddleworth’s Canada Geese population could be illegal according to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

A Canada Goose in Greenfield

This distinctive non-native species has become a familiar and growing presence locally, notably along the Huddersfield Narrow Canal.

They are perceived as noisy nuisances by some, repelling unsuspecting humans and animals with a warning hiss.

There’s even a Facebook video showing one brave goose chasing off a gorilla!

However, Canada Geese have their supporters, particularly at this time of year when they have large families of ducklings in tow.

The Independent has received notice of some geese being shot in Greenfield while an incident of nests being destroyed in another part of the village was posted on social media.

In a separate case another reader reported seeing a dead goose on a stretch of canal between Greenfield and Uppermill.

There are some instances when culling is legal but taking action against Canada Geese could also land people in trouble.

A spokesman for the RSPB based at Uppermill told the Independent: “If you witness something you believe to be a wildlife crime please use the following contacts to report it.”

You can report wildlife crime to:
* Your local police: Ask to be put through to the Wildlife Crime Unit, who will investigate all wildlife offences
* RSPB: if you witness a wild bird crime please call 01767 680 551 and let them know you want to report a wildlife crime
* For all enquiries about sick or injured animals, including birds please call the RSPCA (NOT the RSPB) on 0300 1234 999

Read more on the RSPB’s guide to bird protection in England and Wales online.


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