RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch is back for 2018

EAGLE-EYED bird lovers are being encouraged to scour the skies for a huge bird watching survey.

All are invited to join in with the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch on January 27-28 2018 to survey the birds they spot in their own gardens.

Simply choose a good place to watch from for an hour and then jot down what you see.

If you haven’t got a garden, just pop down to your local park or green space and join in there.

Make sure you count the maximum number of each species you see at any one time. For example, if you see a group of three house sparrows together and later another two, and after that another one, the number to submit is three.

Visit the Big Garden Birdwatch website for help and to log what you’ve seen:

Meanwhile, the following month, the RSPB’s Big Schools Birdwatch runs until Friday February 23.

It involves children spending an hour watching and counting the birds in their outdoor space, before sending the results to the RSPB.

Last year, more than 1,300 children and teachers in Greater Manchester took part in the Birdwatch.

The starling was the most common visitor and half of schools spotted one during their watch, with more than 70 different species recorded.

Emma Reed, RSPB Education, Families and Youth manager in Northern England said: “Taking part in Big Schools Birdwatch uses just one lesson or lunchtime so it’s really fun and simple to set up, and it works for all ages.

“Sadly, children today are spending less time outside in nature, which means they are missing out on the positive impact it has on their physical health, emotional well-being and their education.

“The Birdwatch is the perfect chance for them to experience nature first-hand, make exciting discoveries, and the results help provide our scientists with valuable information, so the children are helping to make a real difference for wildlife.”

To take part in the Big Schools Birdwatch go online:


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  1. I have taken part in Bird Watch for many years and have already collected details for this year. However I am amazed that a simple form was not made available for members to report their findings, I did find a section on your website but this appeared to ask for all personal details except inside leg measurement. In view of this I am not submitting my findings but will hang on to them for 7 days in case you wish to email me a simple form.

    Phil Garrood Membership Number 17338135

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