Saddleworth Badminton Club hopes to hold onto third position in league

SADDLEWORTH won their last two games of the season in the Oldham and Rochdale Badminton League and now must wait to see if it is sufficient to hold on to third place in division two.


Saddleworth Badminton Club News

The penultimate match was tougher than expected at home against bottom-club Shawclough.

Saddleworth’s victory was still comfortable, but with a smaller margin than anticipated as it dented the push for what could have been an impressive league placing.

The result was 12-6 and, given that the reverse fixture ended 14-4 in Saddleworth’s favour, the home match was not as clear cut as it could have been.

Nonetheless there were some good performances as Nick Roe and Andy Mills won all six of their respective games.

Andy paired up with his younger brother Neil and the siblings took their last two games by only conceding nine points with results of 21-6 and 21-3.

Lastly came a postponed fixture from earlier on in the season. The March snow stopped Saddleworth hosting Lancashire Rackets on the original date.

It was Saddleworth’s last chance to impress and go out on a high.

The match concluded 14-4 in their favour.

Nick Roe, for the second consecutive match, won all six of his games. Mike Ablott also won all his games.

Andy and Neil Mills appeared to follow suit and were on track to take six games apiece, but lost their last two back-to-back games against their opposing ‘B’ pairing.

Whether the result will be enough to secure third in the league is yet to be seen.

The next event in the calendar is the league’s annual meeting on May 17.

There are several proposals that the committee has backed including a deduction of points if a player from a club’s first team plays in their second team.

Furthermore, there is a proposal if a team plays an individual up to a higher team more than twice per season, that player automatically becomes a registered higher team player unless the club explain the circumstances to the management committee.

The meeting takes place at the Yew Tree Inn, Oldham Road, starting 7.30pm.

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