Saddleworth cyclist tackles 81-hour endurance marathon

SADDLEWORTH Clarion’s Simon Cullen has completed a marathon London-Edinburgh-London cycle ride in less than 81 hours.

Simon Cullen on his marathon cycle

Simon, a 50-year-old engineer from Stalybridge, set off at 5am on a Sunday morning to complete one of the monuments of long-distance cycling.

Participants had six days to complete the 1,440km and Simon set himself the goal to complete the task in under 80 hours.

Clarion members and Simon’s family and friends followed his progress with awe on the official website as he made good pace through the controls where the riders had to check in, but could also take on food, have a rest or have a nap.

Simon could also count on the support of his partner and fellow Clarion rider Kath Kirton who was waiting for him at the controls and was on standby in case of any mishaps, like mechanicals.

Simon had to battle mental and physical fatigue and unfavourable winds. He battled constant headwind all the way back from Edinburgh to London.

But he also made new friends and experienced the camaraderie of long distance cycling, where riders would share their food  or where riders grouped together to take turns in the headwind, or to just have a chat to distract from any pains.

Remarkably it took Simon only 80 hours and 20 minutes to arrive back in London. He was one of the top 15 finishers.

Astonishingly he was already back at work a day later!

Simon gained valuable experience tackling this long distance endurance event, and the club is wondering what challenge he will take on next.

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