Saddleworth – definitely not Pointless answer from Patti

ENTERTAINER and charity worker Patti Boulaye unwittingly put Saddleworth on the national map during a recent appearance on a celebrities edition of popular quiz show, Pointless.

But the singer, who played a sell-out concert at Millgate Arts Centre, Delph last April, gained full marks for her put down of Twitter critics.

Patti appeared alongside fellow 1980s stars David ‘Kid’ Jensen, Les McKeown, Robin Askwith, Liza Goddard, Martin Jarvis, Isla St Clair and Diane Keen.

And she raised plenty of eyebrows when, asked by host Alexander Armstrong to name a city in the UK with more than five letters, former New Faces winner, Patti, responded: “Saddleworth”.

Clearly wrong ‘Zander’ Armstrong responded: “That’s a brilliant, random and incorrect answer.”

Delph resident Hannah Roberts, one of three Labour councillors for Royton North and OMBC’s Cabinet Member for Housing, duly took to Twitter.

Cllr Roberts wrote: “reeling from #saddleworth mention on Pointless Celebrities by @PattiBoulaye. Can’t think of anywhere less like a city but where did she get the name from?

Patti responded: “Had a great show there. Great theatre, lovely people. Just mentioned one of my favourite places. I wouldn’t sweat It Hannah it’s not good for the heart or the face.”

Cllr Roberts replied: “It was so random! Glad you have good memories of a lovely part of the country.”

Patti added: “Thank you Hannah. If he had asked me for my surname I would have probably blurted out Boness or Inverness. Who knows?

Saddleworth Live who hosted last year’s show, responded: “Well said @PattiBoulaye! Last April’s sold out concert at @millgatearts was magnificent – as is your positive spirit.

“It was so lovely to see that we have stayed in your thoughts. We’ll see you back in Saddleworth soon.”

And the Independent can now reveal Patti is heading back to Delph in the autumn with a self-penned one-woma show “Aretha & Me” featuring the music of Aretha Franklin.

Tickets for the performance on October 18 will be on sale in the coming months.

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