Saddleworth Morris Men invite potential members to try out their tradition at open practice

Saddleworth Morris Men at the Rushcart Festival 2017 (picture by Carl Royle)

SADDLEWORTH Morris Men are hosting an open practice for potential new members on Thursday, September 21 at The Church Inn, Uppermill.

Starting at 8.30pm, the side will be on hand to speak to those interested in joining them to take up a new hobby and learning new skills.

The team are keen to get new faces in to the side in order to protect the tradition for future generations.

David Biggs, Squire of Saddleworth Morris Men, said: “We haven’t hosted an open practice for many years and we thought it would be a good idea to bring them back.

“They’ve been well attended in the past and we want to extend an invitation to men that are interested in joining us.

“We’re not desperate for members to keep the side going but we don’t want to appear like a closed shop and we’re conscious that it can be difficult to know how to get involved. We’re also conscious that many of us aren’t getting any younger!

“As people will know, we’re a social bunch and dance from April to September throughout the year all around the country and, occasionally, in other countries too.

“There’s a great diversity in the side from nurses, to teachers to electricians and construction workers and we all genuinely love it – otherwise we wouldn’t be doing it! There’s a range in ages from 28 to those in their 70s too.

“No commitment has to be made on the night, it can just be an informal chat and if you want to have a go then we’ll be able to show you the ropes.

“No prior experience is needed and we’re confident we can teach pretty much anyone!”


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