Saddleworth Morris Men lay down their bells for year’s Lordsmere Longsword finale

SADDLEWORTH MORRIS Men rounded off another successful year with their annual colourful ‘Lordsmere Longsword’ tour of a number of local pubs.

On Sunday, December 27 the popular Morris side removed their famous waistcoats, sashes and even bells from their clogs to carry out the dance in traditional dress.

The dance is performed in a circle, with each Morris man holding the end of his neighbour’s sword as they intertwine without breaking the circle or letting go of the swords, except at the climax when swords are interlocked and held aloft.

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Each year the newest recruit leads the tour as ‘Captain’ with this year seeing 26-year-old Jack Williams taking on the role.

Find out more about the Saddleworth Morris Men on their website:


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