Saddleworth Morris Men seek local business support for Rushcart event

SADDLEWORTH MORRIS Men are seeking donations from local businesses to make sure their historic Rushcart event sees its 41st year.

P14 Morris Men recent rushcart
Saddleworth Morris Men with the Rushcart

The team is having to pay to employ a local contractor to assist with road closures as police cannot supply traffic management for the occasion on August 22 and 23.

Ed Worrall, a member of the team for 15 years, said: “As budgets have been cut, the police aren’t able to manage traffic for the event and we’re calling on businesses to help make up the shortfall.

“The ‘Cart is a great boost for the local economy, with people coming from all over the UK to see it take place.

“We’re asking for £50 from generous business owners to become patrons in exchange for an acknowledgement in the programme, and there’s also an option to advertise on our website too”.

The Saddleworth Independent has become the first official patron this year in another show of support for the local Morris team.

Ed added: “We’re extremely grateful for the support from the Independent and we hope they’ll be the first of many to help preserve what is an important date on the Saddleworth social calendar.”

To become a patron of the Saddleworth Morris Men, visit their website or email:

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