Saddleworth musician releases song in memory of Grenfell victims

A Saddleworth based songwriter has composed his own tribute to the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy.

Sven Morris

The Metropolitan Police recently put the final death toll at 70 people and a stillborn baby boy following the inferno at the London block of flats last June.

Sven Morris from Greenfield was among the many effected by the tragedy and decided to put his feelings down in words and music and the result is ‘Insult in the Sky’.

Sven, who wrote a moving song, ‘Unknown’ as police hunted and eventually discovered the identity of Moors man, David Lytton (aka Neil Dovestone), told the Independent:” As with many, I witnessed the horrifying scenes of Grenfell unfold on our TV screens.

“Sadly, those in need were let down so badly in the subsequent fall out.

“My response was to write a song. It is a musical voice for the residents of Grenfell and all those caught up in the horror of a fire, which simply should never have happened.

“It is sadly, in a wider context, a song which represents the inevitable, the deja-vous, the predictability of money, power and big business, where the culpable close ranks and justice for victims will not be forthcoming.”

Sven, a footwear designer by trade, recorded the song at Studio Studio in Whitworth helped by Cliff Woodworth’s string arrangement, the engineering/production/bass/guitar of Peter Troughton and drums by Stephen Braithwaite.


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