Saddleworth Parish Council commits to Charter for Trees, Woods and People

SADDLEWORTH Parish Council is helping to keep the area green and eco-friendly by signing up to the Charter for Trees, Woods and People.

The decision was unanimously agreed by the Parish Council at their December meeting, with chairman Cllr Jamie Curley adding his name to the official documents.

(Back row) Cllr Max Woodvine and Cllr Richard Darlington; (front row) Cllr Barbara Beeley, Cllr Jamie Curley and Parish Council clerk Pam Bailey

The environment committee put forward the recommendation to sign the charter after looking into a number of schemes which provide free trees to schools and community groups for planting.

Committee member Cllr Max Woodvine will strategically plan what can be done locally by councillors and the community.

He explained: “It was the hope of the environment committee that the council would sign the charter to get the ball rolling for work with the Woodland Trust to plant trees across Saddleworth to tackle flooding, air pollution and climate change.

“The Charter has nine principles which we hope to promote and encourage in Saddleworth. 

“It isn’t a legally binding document but is a symbolic gesture to show we are taking steps to sustain Saddleworth.”

The charter sets out the principles by which trees and people in the UK can stand stronger together.

The very first Charter of the Forest was established in 1217 to protect the rights of free men to access the natural resources of the Royal Forests, including collecting firewood and grazing pigs on acorns and beech nuts in woodland. 

The call for a tree charter was initiated in 2015 by the Woodland Trust in response to the crisis facing trees and woods in the UK, and it was updated in 2017 to represent the needs of today’s society.

Find out more about the Charter for Trees, Woods and People online:

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