Saddleworth Parish Council is hanging on the telephone

A Springhead phone box could receive a stay of execution after Oldham Council objected to British Telecommunications plans to take it out of service.

Three other kiosks have been retained after Saddleworth Parish Council chose to adopt them.

But the public will no longer be able to make calls from the iconic red boxes in Uppermill, Greenfield and Denshaw. Alternative uses will now be sought.

However, residents on and near to Cooper Street in Springhead hope their box will be saved for its original purposes after planners’ rejected BT decommissioning proposals.

But despite public objections, Council bosses have consented for boxes on Shaw Hall Bank Road and Chew Valley Road, both Greenfield, to be removed, due to underuse.

The Independent has previously reported how campaigners successfully fought to keep a traditional red kiosk outside Saddleworth Museum on High Street, Uppermill.

Since then the Parish Council have stepped in to adopt boxes on Carr Lane and Ripponden Road which otherwise would have been removed due to poor patronage.

Only seven calls were made over a 12-month period from the Denshaw facility with nine being made from the Carr Lane box.

Just two calls apiece were made from the Shaw Hall Bank Road and Chew Valley Road kiosks over the same same length of time.

In contrast 93 calls were made from the Uppermill box and 121 from Cooper Street. Commenting on the latter box, the Council noted: “Although alternative provision is nearby (0.6 miles away) the gradient of Cooper Street means access may be difficult.

“Also in close proximity of a number of schools and more likely to be used by pupils to contact parents etc. 121 calls made from this PCB over a 12-month period suggesting well-used.”


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