Saddleworth pharmacies to help patients stay flu free this winter

STAYING FLU free and fighting fit this winter will be easier than ever as locals can get vaccinated at their local community pharmacy instead of booking in to see their GP.

(Picture thanks to the NHS)

Well Pharmacy on Uppermill High Street is one of the local pharmacies offering the service to give adults over the age of 18 an alternative way to receive the jab.

Michael Johnson, Pharmacy manager, explained: “People are used to going to the doctors to have the flu jab as they don’t realise there are other options.

“The NHS has commissioned community pharmacies to give the injections too so this gives people more choice and hopefully will lead to a better uptake.

“You can just walk into the pharmacy and have it done, there is no need to book – but hopefully it will reduce queues all round if fewer people are going to the doctors too.”

He added: “One of the most common things we hear from people who do not want to have the jab is that when they go to the clinic to have it done they come down with flu.

“Given the time of year, if there is a waiting room full of people with coughs and colds it can be passed around easily – but you can avoid that by coming to the pharmacy.”

The flu vaccination is available for free to anyone aged 65 or over, pregnant ladies, registered carers, or anyone aged 18 and over who is in an ‘at-risk’ health group such as having a long-term chest condition, COPD, suffered from strokes, diabetes, heart disease, liver or kidney disease or a weakened immune system.

Other patients can pay £9 to have the vaccination through the pharmacy’s private service.

Flu vaccinations will be available at Well Pharmacy until March 31, 2017. Visit them at 71 High Street, Uppermill to have your flu vaccination (Mon-Fri 8.30am-6.30pm or Sat 9am-1pm) or call them for more information: 01457 872313.


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