Saddleworth Players season is set for high spot finale

Saddleworth Players bring the curtain down on another successful season with Frank Harvey’s adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s short story, ‘Day After The Fair.’

Widely regarded as one of Hardy’s best short stories, it promises to be an absorbing addition to the Players’ repertoire. (May 20-27).

Anna, an illiterate servant, has a passionate but brief affair with an attractive stranger she meets at the fair.

Rehearsing for “Day After the Fair”

She enlists her mistress, Edith, to correspond with the London-based barrister. Soon he is receiving outpourings of emotion from Edith, not Anna.

It may take a leap of faith to compare ‘Day After the Fair’ to ‘The Graduate’, Saddleworth Players’ previous production.

But there are similar ingredients of passion, deceit and ultimate painful ramifications. This, however, being the 19th Century not the Swinging Sixties, clothes stay firmly on.

That wasn’t always the case in ‘The Graduate’, a tale of an older woman, Mrs Robinson, played elegantly by Samantha Griffiths, who seduces a University graduate-Benjamin Braddock, portrayed by the excellent Sam Reid.

Perhaps it was the pre-event warnings of “brief nudity and adult themes” that ensured ‘full house’ signs virtually every night.

It’s more likely the play was such an iconic movie starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft that audience members wanted to see how director Melvyn Bates adapted this celluloid classic set in California to a village theatre in Delph. And what’s not to like about the Simon and Garfunkel sound track.

For those who couldn’t get a ticket we can tell you it was achieved seamlessly.

Central characters Reid and Griffiths were word perfect with the large amount of dialogue and struck the right balance as naïve but angst ridden, sexually inexperienced Braddock and the smouldering, neurotic and ultimately jilted Mrs Robinson.

They were ably supported by: Paul Gledhill (Mr Braddock), John Rawson (Mr Robinson), Jill Woods (Mrs Braddock) and Kate Davies (Elaine Robinson).

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