Saddleworth skies filled with smoke and flames as fire rages across moors

PLUMES OF smoke and flames filled the Saddleworth skies as a huge fire raged across the moors.

The fire is believed to have started near Dovestone Reservoir in Greenfield on the evening of Thursday, April 21 and spread quickly due to strong winds.

Saddleworth Independent reporter Trevor Baxter took these photos on his way up to the scene, where at least ten fire fighting vehicles and support vehicle soon arrived on site.

(See more dramatic pictures here)

Police eventually stopped most sight seers getting through, including one couple who were worried about their boat at Dovestone Sailing Club in the ‘dock’ area.

Eventually, the fire engines withdrew and re-grouped to Dovestone car park. One went over the Isle of Skye road to check from that side.

The main concern was for any property lying in the path of the fire but there wasn’t any.

At the scene, Nick Pine, Incident Commander for Greater Manchester Fire Service, said: “At the moment we are making an assessment and haven’t reached a decision on what our plan of attack is going to be.

“We are going back to a control point (in the car park) to make an informed decision. As far as I am aware there is no property up there.

“At this time of night (around 10pm) it is more dangerous for us to go on the moors than to try and tackle it.

“There are none or our lads up there. And as far as members of the general public, I have had no reports of anyone being up there either.”


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