Saddleworth Travel: Searching for some winter sun

By Peter Mills

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IT MAY seem a bit on the early side to be thinking about winter sun as we bask in the last of the summer weather but I have already had several enquiries in the last week and I understand why.

p32 sadd travel Morocco pic

It seems the number of options people are willing to consider has never been smaller with the various troubles that have occurred this year.

This means the acceptable destinations are in high demand and this leads to higher prices and lack of availability for the late booker.

One other issue which people have difficulty with is the ‘last minute bargain’ has disappeared as the airlines are all following a similar pricing policy of making seats more expensive the closer you get to departure.

Combined with the shortage of destinations, the airlines are going to make the most of the demand for those destinations and I have seen some really shocking prices for flights around Christmas and February half term.

I haven’t really got a solution to this problem except to say things are not going to get any cheaper and if you want some sun you must get your booking started now.

One other option is to be braver with destination choices and go for places like Gambia, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and the Gulf all of which are available yet I am never asked for them.

We used to book these places every year and there is no logical reason for people to shy away from considering them.

Finally there is the option of leaving ‘sun’ out of the requirement list and go for a more interesting holiday like a city break without hordes of other tourists and red hot pavements or a Northern Lights cruise or visit to Iceland?

Next month I will dwell on the fact that it is summer in the southern hemisphere during our winter…


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