Saddleworth welcomes Nordic Walkers from around the North

NORDIC WALKERS from around the North arrived with poles in hand to tackle some of Saddleworth’s beauty spots last month.

The Nordic Walkers out and about

The walkers came to join in Nordic Walking Saddleworth’s ‘Invitation Walk’, kindly hosted by Adventure Based Learning at Tanner’s Mill, Greenfield.

Caroline Fisher, leader of Nordic Walking Saddleworth, explained: “We wanted to show other groups of Nordic walkers what Saddleworth has to offer.

“The day was glorious and we took in Pots and Pans, Alderman’s Hill, the Fairy Hole and Dovestone.

“Groups from Derby, Chester and Preston were all blown away by the scenery and a fabulous day was had by all.”

The walkers enjoy a well-earned rest

The 36 walkers completed a stunning 9.5 mile circuit and it was agreed at the end it had been a tremendous success.

Nordic walking has its origins in cross country skiing where it was developed to keep super-fit sports people fit out of season.

Here in the UK, it is becoming increasingly popular as an activity that suits virtually anybody and is as enjoyable as it is beneficial.

Julie Smythe, Caroline’s walk leader, explained: “The poles help you to tackle hills with much more ease than without and gives you a great workout.”

The group’s next venture is in the Lake District for the Grasmere Gallop – a 10k race on June 4 – and they also hold regular local sessions. Interested in knowing more – check out or call Caroline on 07752 549 168.


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