Safety first for Saddleworth 3Ds

SADDLEWORTH 3Ds resumed “limited training sessions” on Monday, July 6 having been making plans since early June to bring back football safely.

With some of the lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, the club has been working in line with Government and FA guidelines.Before training could begin, the club undertook a full risk assessment and put all the necessary safety measures in place. Hand sanitisers, PPE and signage have been provided to every team returning to training along with guidance for players, coaches and parents.

Saddleworth 3Ds also contacted Uppermill FC, Diggle FC, Saddleworth Strikers and Saddleworth United to ensure training sessions did not clash. This ensured all local teams had safe space to work in.

Training sessions are limited to contactless drills and no matches currently allowed to be played.

Club chairman Steve Laithwaite said: “This isn’t really about the club doing pre-season, it is about getting as many players as possible back onto a football field and active again with their friends.”

The club has worked hard to provide a safe environment for players to commence training, younger sides at Saddleworth School and older 11-side teams at the Woolpack.

Steve added the return to training is only for those who are ready and there is no pressure on anybody to do so.

The club respects the decisions of those who do not wish to continue at this stage and they will be ready to welcome them back and support them whenever they are comfortable to do so.Saddleworth 3Ds have had a tremendous response from new Under-7s with more than 20 new players signing on.

This means the club will have four teams at this age group for the first time in its history with coaches Tom McDermott, Joe Rigby, Jon Elliott and Mark Revill looking forward to starting.

Recruitment at this age group has been a success for the last few years and the club would like to thank Mark Aston who runs the soccer school for those aged between four and six, many of whom move on to the U7s.

BW Farm Supplies, Delph, have a long history with the club and the partnership continues with Ralph and Natalie Brierley becoming the official sponsors of club officials.

Club treasurer Howard Gaunt said the continued support of Ralph and Natalie is greatly appreciated by everyone at the club and we would like to thank them for their sponsorship of the officers’ kit.

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