Slow down warning Speeding motorists targeted

MOTORISTS across Saddleworth have been warned to slow down or face the consequences following a clampdown on speeding.Officers from GMP Saddleworth & Lees have already conducted a day of action, monitoring drivers from Springhead to Denshaw.

But excess speeding has become an issue throughout greater Manchester with the region reporting an increase in culprits being caught by as much as 57 per cent.

Not everyone agreed with the initiative and one detractor claimed: “The police are doing this to raise money and use road safety as an excuse.”

However, an officer for GMP Saddleworth and Lees said: “We have been made aware of the issue of speeding vehicles across the neighbourhood via our residents, Neighbourhood Watch, webchat and surgeries.

“We recognise the dangers of vehicles travelling at excessive speeds which causes great risks to other road users and the public in general.

“We have acknowledged these concerns by implementing our speed initiative across the neighbourhood at varying times of the day.

“We will continue as part of our daily business in the future.

“A number of vehicles were stopped and drivers spoken to. We will continue to address issues flagged by our local community and respond in a partnership approach.”

Independent editor Trevor Baxter said: “Earlier this month I saw a car driven down Chew Valley Road in Greenfield at speeds I would estimate to be 70-80 mph.

“This was at 5.30pm and even in lockdown there were plenty of people and traffic in the vicinity.

“It was frightening to think what would have happened if someone had been crossing the road at the Pennine Bridleway, stepped on to the zebra crossing near Greenbridge Lane or a car had pulled out of Wellington Road. The degree of irresponsibility was off the scale.”

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