Staff get creative at Co-operative Food Store in Uppermill to share latest offers

MOUTH-WATERING REDUCTIONS and tasty treats lie in wait for customers at the Co-operative Food Store in Uppermill as staff got creative to promote their latest offers.

The shop has slashed its prices on fruit and vegetables as part of the ‘Fresh Three’ campaign, which has just been launched across the country.

Each month the prices of three different items will be brought down to rock bottom – this time seeing a bag of carrots, a cucumber or a lettuce each costing just 39 pence.

The cost of other fruits and vegetables in the store has also been reduced, including mixed peppers, potatoes, tomatoes and bananas.

And staff at the store launched full-heartedly into the scheme as team manager Kelvin McWatt donned a carrot outfit and team member Tom McCune a banana one to promote their offers.

They also handed out delicious samples of carrot cake, banana loaf and strawberry shortbread, which were made by Team Leader Wendy Johnson using the Co-op’s fresh produce and ingredients.

Wendy explained: “We’re doing this to offer better prices for our customers. We’ve lowered other prices as well and hope it helps to make a difference.”

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OFFERS: Kelvin McWatt, Team Manager, with Tom McCune, Team Member, promoting the offers and treats to Diane Berry

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