Stan’s Strange but True: September

p11 Stan Bowes
Stan Bowes

Stan Bowes, from Diggle, has uncovered some interesting and entertaining facts – you just couldn’t make them up.

In 1917 the US War Industries Board asked women to stop wearing corsets – to save metal. It is said to have provided enough metal to build two battleships… and gave a major uplift to the bra industry!

Various tribes bestow strange privileges on their women. Widows of recently deceased kings among the Baganda people of Uganda had the honour of drinking beer in which the King’s entrails had been ritually cleaned.

In 1897 the harbour-master of Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales, took his wife to Dawlish, Devon, for their honeymoon.  While there she lost a gold bracelet in the sea.

In 1925 they returned to Dawlish for the first time, and while sitting on a deck-chair on the beach spotted something glinting in the sand… her bracelet!

Improve your vocabulary

Prozvonit: We have the concept but do not have an equivalent of this Czech word, which means ‘to ring someone’s mobile phone, letting it ring only once so that they phone you back, thus saving you the cost of the call’.

Mugwump: One who remains aloof, especially of politicians who do not support any particular party. A word stolen from the Algonquian Indian mugquomp – a great chief.


Woman are meant to be loved not to be understood.

If you don’t agree with me it means you haven’t been listening.

Make it too tough for the enemy to get in and you can’t get out.

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