Storm causes damage across Saddleworth

SADDLEWORTH was counting the cost and mopping up after torrential rain lashed the region during the final weekend in July.

A parked car was struck by a falling tree in Delph, Oldham Mountain Rescue Team helped Greenfield Cricket Club members clean-up after flood water hit the Ladhill Lane site while about £5,000 of damage was caused to stock in professional Andy Earlam’s shop at Saddleworth Golf Club.

Across the country, half a month’s worth of rain fell in just 24 hours causing water levels to rise dangerously high as the River Tame swept through Saddleworth and Tameside.

Denshaw Road in Delph was closed for a time on Monday, July 29 before workmen could remove an uprooted tree which smashed into a BMW parked in a lay-by. It is not thought there was anyone in the car at the time.

Some motorists ignored signs warning of the road closure to manoeuvre between the broken branches rather than avoid a detour.

The Cricket Club, situated close to Chew Brook, suffered water seepage into the bar and cellars but were still able to run their summer school as planned on Tuesday, July 30.

Golf pro Andy and fellow staff began their own clean-up operation at Ladcastle Road, including removing a carpet, at 6.45am on Sunday, July 28.

“We believe a drain collapsed causing the drain to back up and flood the shop,” he explained.

“When it started again at 4pm we had to start clearing the water again because within 20 mins of the downpour it started to enter the pro shop.

“Myself, Stuart Hanson (vice chairman), Dave Roberts (head greenkeeper), Chris Nicholls (green keeper) and Christian Leigh (assistant pro) all helped throughout the day.

“We worked a shift pattern from 5pm to 12am to ensure water was cleared. It
damaged around £5k of stock as well need for a new carpet.

“It was a nightmare but we just had to deal with the situation.”

The deluge has transformed the scene at Dovestone Reservoir from 12 months ago as our photographs show.

Last year water levels were massively down but that is definitely not the case in 2019.

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