Tesco shop managers take customer service to new level

TWO grateful pensioners in Uppermill certainly subscribe to the Tesco slogan “Every little helps”.


Jessica Maylor, Thomas Tarmey, Jonny Holme and Wilma Tarmey

And thanks to the Independent, the couple have been re-united with their ‘life savers’ from the company’s Greenfield store on Chew Valley Road.

Like other Saddleworth residents at the height of last month’s ‘Beast from the East’ snow storm, Thomas and Wilma Tarmey were stranded in their home.

Fearful their isolation might continue for several days and leave them short of food, they made an SOS appeal to daughter Joanne Delamare who lives in Devon.

Joanne attempted to arrange an online food order but all deliveries had been cancelled.

In desperation, she contacted Tesco head office for emergency help. The plight of Thomas, 75, and 70-year-old Wilma was then relayed through to Greenfield.

Within the hour duty managers, Jessica Maylor and Jonny Holme were on their way to Uppermill armed with provisions.

“When they arrived it made me cry, we were that desperate,” Wilma told the Independent.

“It was so lovely of them to do that. And they wouldn’t even take any money. I would have thought they brought at least £20 worth of groceries.

“We have 16 grandchildren between us so we understand the younger generation. And the staff in their store are always so helpful.

“We contacted the Independent because we wanted to really say how much we appreciated Tesco’s help.”

Joanne, who worked at Tesco, Huddersfield Road before moving to Saddleworth, explained: “I was on my break when head office rang through and explained the lady’s situation.

“Due to the snow all our dot.com vans were suspended, and we couldn’t get food out to anyone.

“So I said I would collect the necessary things and put them through as a goodwill gesture; just things like bread, milk, eggs soup, tea and coffee.”

Joanne added: “We handed out pizzas to Oldham Mountain Rescue as well that day and let them use our canteen because of the help they were giving to people.”

Despite the freezing conditions, Jonny, from Stalybridge, drove the pair into Uppermill to deliver the shopping.

“I wouldn’t like to have driven,” said Thomas. “But whatever the weather, the staff are always very nice.”

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