The train now passing through Greenfield Station is… The Flying Scotsman

HUNDREDS OF spectators turned out to see the Flying Scotsman – the world’s most famous steam locomotive pass – through Greenfield Station.

Young and old, rail enthusiasts and curious onlookers lined both platforms and other vantage points to get a view of the train built in Doncaster in 1923.  However, the Flying Scotsman service first ran from Edinburgh to London in 1862.

Pictures thanks to Duncan Taylor

Rumours of the Flying Scotsman’s visit had been circulating on social media for a while. But even until the last moment, when the first whisps of white steam, were spotted, no one was quite sure if the iconic train would appear.

Some suggested the locomotive wasn’t even under steam and was being pulled by a diesel train.

Then, it emerged, not exactly billowing clouds of steam, but enough for a reminder of the ‘golden age of steam’.

The Flying Scotsman passing through Greenfield (Picture by Ken Bennett)

Despite the sizeable turn out, there were no issues of eager spectators straying onto the tracks for a better look. And for those who missed the Flying Scotsman’s historic visit, it will be back again at approximately the same time on Tuesday, June 14.

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