Traffic confusion in Greenfield after large lorry gets stuck near station

TRAFFIC CONFUSION struck Greenfield after a large lorry got stuck near the station and blocked off traffic in and out of nearby villages.

Around 8am on Wednesday, August 5, the Mars-Jones Ltd vehicle was turning off Oldham Road down Shaw Hall Bank Road when it ran out of space – hitting the stone wall with its rear.

With the lengthy lorry, which had travelled from Wales, blocking off Oldham Road, police were called to the scene and diverted traffic coming from Uppermill along Chapel Road.

On the Grasscroft side, only cars and small vans were allowed down Shaw Hall Bank Road into Greenfield – leaving many buses stranded or seeking alternative routes.

A source at the scene explained: “The railway is operating as normal and there is no imminent danger to trains.

“A structural engineer is on the way and when we start recovery, we will stop the trains temporarily. However, we don’t anticipate any long delays.

“We have got a plan but we will check it with the engineer when he arrives and it shouldn’t be too difficult to clear.

“It’s just the local traffic that is suffering unfortunately. Just another six inches and the lorry would have been fine.

“But it’s not the first time something like this has happened – there are plenty of marks on the wall where other lorries have hit it too.”


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