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WITH the challenges of Covid adding to already stressful daily lives, many people will have been ringing in the New Year filled with anxiety, stress and depression.

But a local psychotherapist has a range of services to help people of all ages look after their mental and emotional health now and in the future.

Delph born and bred Daisy Dixon launched Chrysalis last year, offering 1:1 therapy online and face-to-face as well as walking therapy sessions and workshops for groups.And after getting the all clear to continue providing her valuable services during the latest lockdown, the trained counsellor is encouraging people to take time to care for themselves.

“People need to invest in themselves, looking after their health and well being. That is not just physical, it’s mental as well,” she said.

“Because of the pandemic, many more people are feeling low, overwhelmed and cannot see the positives in themselves or what they are doing.

“People might be lacking confidence or self-esteem due to losing their job, struggling looking after loved ones or have underlying health conditions that make them vulnerable.

“Everybody is living through this pandemic with their own difficulties and that makes it hard to take on someone else’s problems.

“As counsellors, we are trained to listen, not telling people what to do but helping them to find the answers in themselves.”

Daisy’s services include recently launched 1:1 counselling therapy at FAB Salon in Grotton, working closely with individuals to suit their needs.

“I’m delighted to have the sessions at FAB Salon where there is a safe, confidential space to speak to clients and help them make positive changes,” said Daisy.

“I am very person centred in what I do so I will look at what the individual wants and what works for them.

“We can look at the past and other things happening in their lives or just looking at the future and how they can move forward.”The sessions are available at FAB Salon from 2pm onwards on Wednesdays. The number of sessions for each individual will be determined by their needs.

If you would like to book an appointment call Lisa on 0161 627 1114 or email

Daisy is also continuing her ‘counselling in motion’ walking therapy sessions, open to adults of all ages.

“This counselling session takes place outdoors, walking side by side with your therapist, not in a traditional therapy room,” Daisy explained.

“Walking together, at your pace, can be less intrusive, feel more equal, less intimidating and release inhibitions.

“This type of therapy is proven to reduce blood pressure, reduce risk of diabetes, improve strategic thinking, enhance creativity, reduce anxiety, alleviate stress, improve anger issues and reduce levels of depression.”

For young people and children, Daisy offers 1:1 therapy or group sessions, with a particular focus recently on anxiety and stress around exams and their futures.

The therapy is made informal, interactive, and fun, and Daisy also works with schools and staff through group sessions and training about young people’s mental health.

She also runs group sessions or workshops to help those affected by Covid-19 at work, looking at mental health, well being, self care, confidence and self esteem.

And the response from delighted participants includes: “I re-connected with my colleagues; it’s been a difficult year! I thought the workshop was excellent” and “The workshop was excellent and made me realise that I’m not alone. The feelings of loneliness a lot of us are feeling right now.”

Find out more about all of Chrysalis’s mental health services online:

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