Nurture your Mind and Body this New Year

NEW Year heralds those resolutions that often don’t survive to the end of January.

Drink less, exercise more, lose weight are some of the most popular pledges many people promise bodies fatigued by seasonal festivities. 

There are other ways to restore the feel-good factor back into your life while also helping the planet, which is why Sophie Fitton and Shelagh Taggart became business partners last year.

Nurture Yoga and Therapy Centre

Six months of hard work and contemplation culminated in opening of Nurture Yoga and Therapy Centre on November 11.

Walk into the pair’s expansive space on Sam Road, Diggle and immediately you step into a welcoming oasis of calm and contentment.

That’s even before you have availed yourself of the teachings and complementary health services offered by the two qualified yoga instructors and Shelagh also a registered McTimoney chiropractor.

Yoga, originating in India about 5,000 years ago, is an ancient form of exercise focusing on effective breathing and exercises for strength,  balance and flexibility to boost physical and mental well-being. 

It is increasingly used by young and old, male and female alike to create a more fulfilling and balanced lifestyle while promoting greater physical and mental health.

Nurture combines a variety of yoga classes and complementary health services to provide a whole nurturing experience under one roof.

“Everyone can benefit from yoga. It is all about switching off from the outside world, even just for an hour,” says Sophie, inspired to practice yoga while travelling after completing her studies,

“It improves confidence and makes you see and do things differently  rather than being so reactive.

“You are entering a friendly, welcoming community where there is no pressure on you to do anything. 

“If you just want to lie down for an hour you can do just that.

“Everyone is friendly and you are in a beautiful space where you can allow yourself to relax.”

Sophie Fitton and Shelagh Taggart

Explained Shelagh: “Yoga helps lower blood pressure and calms the nervous system so allows mind and body to rest and relax.

“There is lots of evidence to support its positive effects for our physical and mental health.

“Improved muscle strength and tone, balance and flexibility, which can benefit us at any age – yoga is gentle enough for everybody.

“It is why I chose to combine yoga teaching with my role as a McTimoney chiropractor. Together they offer a gentle, integrated approach to health and well-being.

“McTimoney is a gentle, effective treatment for back and neck pain, some joint disorders and headaches.

“It helps reduce pain and improve mobility and is very comfortable to receive.

“We also have a counsellor joining us in January and hope in time other practitioners will join us to further complement what we already offer.

“We have three beautiful treatment rooms for rent and so welcome expressions of interest.”

As the business name suggests, Nurture cares for more than the individual.

“It is important we are looking after the planet as well as people,” added Shelagh. “We are caring for mind, body and the earth.

“We have a strong eco conscience so used reclaimed furniture and non-toxic materials wherever possible. 

“Alongside Nurture, we run the Mindful Wild Project, a collaboration with the RSPB Dovestone – yoga and meditation in natural surroundings combined with conservation activities such as tree planting and bog restoration.

“Science supports that meditation  and time in nature are great for improving physical and mental health. 

“So we hope as people notice their own health improves, they will be encouraged to care for our planet.” 

Sophie and Shelagh are keen to help the RSPB expand its volunteer force and so are happy to share their own experience as volunteers.

A variety of classes are available for all abilities and McTimoney chiropractic and counselling are available by appointment.

Find Nurture Yoga and Therapy Centre at Second Floor, 23-29 Sam Road, Diggle, OL3 5PU, phone 01457 321779, or go online:

Also connect with them on Facebook and Instagram @NurtureSaddleworth

2 Replies to “Nurture your Mind and Body this New Year”

  1. My husband is looking for premises for his hypnotherapy business.
    Can you let me know the cost of room hire,and possible times .
    Thank You
    Lindsey Edwards

    1. Hi Lindsey, apologies for delay – we weren’t aware there was a comments section here so have only just noticed this.
      We have a number of price options for room hire and currently lots of availability, probably best to discuss in person so you can give us a call on 01457321779 and we’ll be happy to help.

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