Twins bring flavour of Italy to Saddleworth with debut cookbook

GET creative in the kitchen and bring the delicious flavours and tastes of Italy to Saddleworth thanks to a new cookbook from local twins John and Tony Alberti.

The pair, whose sister Caroline runs Alimentari Di Alberti greengrocers in Uppermill, are sharing their love of Italian food, culture, and people in their debut cookbook this spring.

Having grown up in a traditional Italian family which hails from the Garfagnana region of Tuscany, food has always been an integral part of their lives. 

They first hit the TV screens in 2015 on ITV2’s Love Island and went on to create their very popular YouTube Cooking Channel and blog about food, fashion and lifestyle.

Now, they regularly appear on TV cooking their family recipes for shows such as ‘The Today Show’ in New York, ‘Home and Family’ in Los Angeles, ‘Ireland AM’ and Scotland’s ‘Live At Show’.

In their new cookbook, Twintastico – Italian Cooking at Home with the Alberti Twins, they offer easy-to-execute, authentic, and inspired recipes perfect for novices and experts alike.

Recipes include luscious and gluten-free Polenta Fries with Aioli Dip and Perfetto Polenta Cake to hearty and nutritious Twinning Tuscan Vegetable Soup, Saltimbocca made with chicken, Romantic Ricotta Balls, and The Big Cannoli. 

“Italian food speaks to the soul, and it is loved around the world for its simplicity and romance,” the twins said.

“You don’t have to be a professionally trained chef to cook great food for your family. We want you to remember that the kitchen is where the whole family is united. 

“Cooking is an act of love, a gift, a way of sharing; it should be enjoyed and bring the whole family together. 

“We want families to cook together again, eat together at the table, and pass on this tradition and love of food.

“We learned to cook by watching our parents and Nonna from an early age, learning traditional family recipes passed down through generations and this is where our passion for food was born.

“We want to take you on a journey through a traditional Italian meal from start to finish. We love to be inventive, so you will find lots of Italian Twintastico Twists on classic recipes.”

Watch the Alberti twins on YouTube – Italian Cooking At Home With The Alberti Twins – or read their blog online

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