Uppermill loos sale is waiting game

THE wait to spend a penny again in Uppermill park has lasted more than two years.And Oldham Council admits it is no nearer to finding new owners or new use for the former public toilets at St Chad’s Gardens.

The Independent reported in May 2018 how the loos were out of order due to ongoing issues with anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

At the time Helen Lockwood, OMBC’s Executive Director of Economy Skills and Neighbourhoods, said: “We know this closure will be a problem for the local community.”

Twelve months later the local authority invited offers for the block with suggested alternative uses put forward for a café or shop.

Council leader Sean Fielding said: “We think there will be plenty of interest in this block as it’s in the centre of the park and just yards from one of our busiest district centre streets.”

Fourteen months further down the line and there is no apparent movement for the toilets.

A spokesperson for OMBC said: “It was last May we ran the tender process – it closed in June.

“We had a number of submissions of interest and continue to work with interested parties to explore options.”

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  1. There are a number of former Council Toilets where nothing seems to be happening. The one opposite the Clarence in Greenfield the other across the road from the Delph Chapel (which in itself is a disgrace). What is the council doing about these sites?

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